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We at eBelong eat web, drink apps, sleep developing and dream about innovating and helping our customers. Fews years ago, we started with a team of 3 techies in a small town in New Jersey, now grown 50+ Web and Mobile application developers, desingers and architects buildng innovating solutions for 100+ clients in USA.


eBelong is now working on beta version of its product line. Our focus is to build products that help startups and small businesses to manage all online digital aspects of their business. You focus on your business and let us focus on your backend digital solutions.

Digital Menu - Restaurant POS

Digital Menu and Restaurant POS Solution

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Building a successful and highly specialized website by providing hign quality content in a way that brings significant profitable and targeted traffic to your website.


Utilize our digital strategy team consist of innovators, architects and experienced digital guru's. With experities in product development lifecycle we work with your brands from scope definition to product launch.


We provide skilled and talented resources for full-time, part-time and freelance engagements for you short or long projects. Since we have build a large pool of technical resources, we make sure to expedite your needs and help you bring on board the resources you need at economical cost and promptly.

Design & Development

We create unique mix of emotions and story behind our designs. Our websites and mobile user interface stands out of the crowd and that is what we are good at. You can develop a website or application that could lead you invest more on troubleshooting verses develop something that requires least support and self serviced. Our architects invest most of their time to understand problem and suggest solutions that works and long lasting.

Digital Marketing

Engaging masses requires the right time, right venue and right strategy for brand promotion. Each campaign is unique and requires attention to details and integration with your digital assets. We have exceptional team dedicated to SEO, SEM, Social Media, Bulk EmailMarketing and SMS/Texting Services.


A little about Us

eBelong is New York based digital agency with offices in Copenhagen, Islamabad, Mumbai and LA. We are unique in a sense that we have a community network of architects, developers and designers. We design and develop innovative solutions that help your brands.

Why work with Us?

We're a creative agency helping established brands and start-ups make friends with thoughtful design and ingenious technology.

Our skillset

Mobile Application Development, Android/iOS

Digital Marketing( SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, SMS/Texting

Web Development, Landing Page Development, Email Template

User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UI)

Digital Media Spending (Social Media Ads, Digital Billboard Ads, RTB)

We are a community based company. Happily independent since 2010


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Contact info

  • US: +1-646-468-6181


New York , NY