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Posted On : 19 Jul 2022

10 Companies Hiring Lots of Remote Workers in 2022

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With 20 percent of the workforce projected to work remotely long after the pandemic is over, remote work has undoubtedly become a thing.


Working remotely is now the norm for many of us, love it or hate it.


Around 4.1 percent of the workforce clocked in from home in 2019, claims research-based consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, that percentage increased to 25% in the middle of 2020 and is predicted to remain at approximately 20% even when COVID is no longer in effect.


So, unless you're adamantly opposed to working from home or in an occupation that demands it, you might want to think about embracing the remote work revolution.


We looked examined the history of job postings for roughly 57,000 enterprises to determine which ones posted the most remote positions in 2021 and are most likely to continue hiring through 2022.


The top 15 jobs on the list are summarised here, including 4 that have been on FlexJobs' coveted list of remote jobs each year since 2014 (now that's commitment to remote work!).


Start your remote job search now!


1- BroadPath

The company's job advertisements ask for positions like Medicaid claims processor, pharmacy technician, and member service representative because BroadPath partners with overburdened healthcare providers that must outsource some functions.


In addition to operating entirely remotely, BroadPath provides benefits including virtual team meetings and mindfulness training.


2- LiveOps

Liveops, a virtual call centre, allows its agents to make their own schedules, giving them control over when and how long they work each day. Discuss adaptability.


Client outcomes associate and digital communication specialist are only two of the organization's most recent job openings, and the combination of totally remote, hybrid, and freelance positions offered by the business ensures "unparalleled flexibility and work-life balance."


3- Sykes

Sykes partners with businesses to handle their customer service requirements, so Sykes is always looking to hire exceptional customer service representatives as well as marketing, sales, and IT experts. The organisation has recently posted positions for authors, tech support, and bilingual customer service representatives.


Along with a sizable selection of part-time, hybrid, and entirely remote employment opportunities, new workers can take advantage of benefits including athletic clubs, team movie nights, and a strong benefits package.


4- Working Solutions

Working Solutions focuses on employing seniors, stay-at-home parents, and military spouses looking for a very flexible work schedule, which almost makes it sound too wonderful to be true.


Working Solutions, a supplier of customer service outsourcing, frequently hires for customer service positions such as insurance verification agents and travel reservation representatives.


5- SAP

Most likely, you've heard of SAP. Since 2014, the software company has diligently filled remote team positions, most recently for the positions of client sales executive, travel engagement manager, and senior presales specialist.


6- Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors matches students with outstanding online tutors, and since they are so good at it, they have received media attention from outlets like NBC, USA Today, and Time magazine.


The organisation, which employs freelancers, part-timers, and entirely remote workers, has just opened openings for payroll manager and director of marketing.



TTEC collaborates with businesses and brands to offer customer service solutions as the self-described "pleasant faces and advanced technological solutions at the heart of customer experience." To that end, the business consistently seems to be hiring a small number of tech and customer support representatives.


8- Kelly

Between job seekers and companies looking to hire, Kelly serves as a middleman. They're always seeking for remote recruiters, as well as employees for jobs like customer care representative and data entry operator, to finish the work.


Moreover, Keely has had a distinguished track record of hiring remote workers dating back to 2014.


9- Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma, a renowned kitchen and home goods company with operations across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Australia, is one business that doesn't outsource its customer care personnel.


You can rest easy knowing that all eligible Williams-Sonoma employees receive benefits like healthcare, a 401(k), commuter benefits, and—possibly most alluring—access to Williams-Sonoma sample sales, even though the majority of their remote job positions are in the customer service division. Whoop!


10- Robert Half International

The process of finding top talent is simple according to Robert Half International, a company that connects employers and job seekers. The employment company, which has a long history dating back to 1948 (talk about longevity), has received numerous awards for its work environment.


The business has recently hired several people remotely for positions including help desk analyst, marketing specialist, and medical administrative assistant.