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Introduction to Python

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In this course, you will learn about the basic concepts of Python, including how to create and run Python applications, as well as learn how to use the various Python libraries and tools. You will also learn how to use Python to create games, charts and powerful artificial intelligence systems.


Its a four hour bootcamp starts at 2pm EST to 6pm at our Coding School in Kendall Park.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Programming:

    • Understanding the need for programming

    • Basic concepts: variables, data types, and operations

    • Writing and executing a simple program

  • Control Structures:

    • Conditional statements (if, else, elif)

    • Loops (for, while)

    • Exception handling

  • Functions and Modular Programming:

    • Defining and calling functions

    • Scope and lifetime of variables

    • Creating modular and reusable code

  • Data Structures:

    • Arrays, lists, and dictionaries

    • Introduction to stacks and queues


Adeel Murtaza

Introduction to Python

  • Flag USA
  • Jan 2024 - Jul 2024

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