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I will be your full stack developer vue js nuxt js react js laravel

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About This Gig

I am a full-stack web developer specializing in React.js & Vue.js based web apps. I Launched multiple projects from the empty repository to fully-functional production deployments.
Expertise :
✔ Newer specifications of EcmaScript(ES6 & ES7), Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms
✔ Thorough understanding of React.js and Vue.js framework and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
✔ Popular React.js workflows (such as Redux, React Hooks,Formik Form,React-Router-Dom)
✔ Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem,including Vue CLI,Vuex,Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
✔ Isomorphic React, modern authorization mechanisms, such as JWT authentication.
✔ Collaborate with back-end to connect API (redux-API-middleman, data structure conversion,login auth)
✔ Proficiency with modern development tools, like Babel, Webpack, Gulp, NPM, Yarn, and Git
✔ Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs
Technologies stack:
✔ Frontend: React.JS/Vue.JS
✔ Backend: Laravel/PHP/Wordpress/Yii, Firebase
✔ Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Mysql, NoSQL
✔ Other: Nginx, Apache, Docker, AWS, Google Cloud API, Firebase
Look forward to working with you.