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I will be your machine and deep learning engineer

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Are you looking for a well-trained machine learning engineer who can take advantage of the data you have to boost the growth of your business?

When done right machine learning and deep learning can help you make the state of the art products which can help you better serve your customers and increase sales and cut cost.


However, it's difficult to find well-trained machine learning engineers because the majority of them are working for big technical and financial companies. It's more difficult to find machine learning engineers who are creative and have solid communication and project management skills.


That's where I come in. I specialize in developing machine learning and deep learning solutions for startups, individuals, and small businesses.


I have experience working in:


- Artificial intelligence software, mobile, and web applications.


- Computer Vision applications such as image classification, image classification with localization, Object Detection, Object Recognition, Object Segmentation, Image Style Transfer, Image Colorization, Image Reconstruction, Image Super-Resolution, and Image synthesis.


- Natural Language Processing applications such as Machine translation.