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I will create a content plan for your blog

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This gig will help turn your company blog into an effective traffic & lead generating machine


Most businesses waste tons of money on writers and blogging, and get nothing in return.


With this service you get a custom researched content plan that will bring your blog traffic in 2021.


This is an exclusive service that very few offer.


Also, very few startups and SMBs are blogging properly.


Meanwhile, whoever invests in a content plan - wins.




I've been in SEO and content marketing since 2008 and I've shaped content strategies of hundreds of brands.


To create a well-researched, creative, and SEO-friendly content plan for your site, I will examine:


  • your business niche and industry,
  • your competitors,
  • keywords stat data,
  • social media and search engine trends,
  • customer-generated discussions,
  • and much much more.


As a result you get a ready content plan that will get your company noticed.


The content plan is a list of


- post topics

- SEO keywords to cover in each post

- explanatory comments for some of the topics


The content plans are 100% writer-ready - you can use any copywriter to craft the posts and start harvesting more traffic and leads!