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I will create ai for your unreal engine 4 game

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why AI is so important?

AI is the part which brings life to your game. No point of having AAA quality level design, 3D models, player controls, ect.. Only AI can bring the life for your game.
If your AI is not good or not acting like real one, the whole game would be dead. 
without having a good quality AI, your game is not going to be a good one. 
so you should pay more attention about your AI.

don't worry now you are in the right place...

i'm thilina (lead AI developer in RAM studios) from Sri Lanka.
i have 4 years+ game development experience with AI. 
i'll develop high accurate behaviors like real ones. With my life time customer support you will never dissatisfied with my service. I provide fully customizable AI behaviors. So you can change the behaviors any time you want to. 

some of popular AI types:-

  1. shooting AI
  2. melee fighters
  3. civilians
  4. drones
  5. animals
  6. boss
  7. sci-fi AI
  8. magical
  9. monsters
  10. and any AI that you want.....

you can select AI which are suitable for you. also you can give your own AI idea, then i'll bring it to your game..

leave me a message for details.....