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I will design circuit schematic and pcb layout

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I will design the circuit schematic and PCB layout for you by using KiCAD/ Autodesk Eagle/ EasyEDA.

I am an Experienced Electronic Engineer specialised in Circuit Design, Simulation, Firmware development and Embedded System with superb customer satisfaction and project completion record.

  • I will design the circuit schematic based on your requirements with minimal cost and maximum efficiency. 
  • I will design the circuit considering engineering factors and by following the IPC Standard. 
  • I will design the PCB Layout based on your preferable manufacturer requirements. 
  • I will help you to manufacture the board if needed.
  • I will provide the necessary files such as,


  1.  Source files
  2.  Circuit Schematic (PDF)
  3.  PCB Layout (PDF)
  4.  Gerber Files
  5.  BOM list
  6.  PNP/ XY Loc File
  7.  Rendered 3D Images of the circuit
  8.  Fusion 360 Files 
  9.  3D step file
  10.  DFM Result
  11.  DRC Result
  12.  Manual of the system (if requires) 

***Please talk to me in the inbox before you place the order.***