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I will design pcb, schematic with altium designer software

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About This Gig

My Background In Electronics and PCB Designing:

I have completed many projects so far.


What are the Services this GIG offers :


  • Circuit Design for Given Requirements with minimal cost and maximum efficiency
  • Design PCB considering Engineering factors 
  • Analyzing Designs and Debug bugs
  • Coding PCB / Firmware Writing


Excellent solution

  • always try to go for low-cost solutions if you are interested in low cost
  • if you need high quality (accuracy and more) will focus on it
  • if you need both it is too.
  • microcontroller-based solutions
  • analog solutions
  • digital IC-based solutions


Key Words to Describe Services:


  • Circuit Design
  • PCB debugging
  • PCB assistance
  • Circuit Troubleshooting
  • Cost optimization
  • Circuit Assistance
  • PCB/ Circuit Design Lessons


*** Please don't place order without discussing with me***