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I will do 3d machine vision, 3d computer vision, 3d reconstruction, camera calibration

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I am particularly interested in 3D machine vision and robot vision. I am currently working on machine vision and camera calibration for deep-sea robots, my skills include image processing, camera calibration, 3D model reconstruction from imagery.


I am good at C++ and Python for 3D computer vision programming. I am quite familiar with open source computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, Ceres-Solver(for solving nonlinear optimization problems), COLMAP (structure from motion software), ORB-SLAM (visual slam software for AR/VR, robotics, etc).



at ResearchGate page, you can find my publications related to 3D computer vision, camera calibration and 3D reconstruction


If you are looking for a person who is skilled in machine vision, please feel free to contact me! I am willing to listen to your problem and offer my help!