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I will do advanced pentest on your website with report

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Hi there, Thank you for interesting in my pentest gig.

Have you ever thought about how vulnerable your website could be?


Almost all websites can be hacked and one of them should yours.


Why should you choose my gig?


✔ Unlike other sellers, I do first of all manual and then automated testing.


✔ Lowest price / highest quality possible


Let me introduce myself better:


Since I joined this industry as a developer, I was always focused and interested in security, during my projects, paying a lot of attention to code security and doing some bug bounty made me a penetration tester.


I use trusted tools for penetration testing, but most part of the work is done manually, which means that the result will be more accurate and practical.


Note: Please check gig's gallery to see my reports


To ensure that I really tested your website you will get videos and screenshots.


I will test on:



SQL Injection

Server-side template injection

Broken Authentication



Broken Access Control

Security misconfiguration

Information disclosure

Business logic bugs





Testing according to the OWASP guide.


Make your website secure


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