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I will do image processing using python and artificial intelligence

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PLEASE! message me before ordering the gig so we can get the details squared away.  I can even show you a DEMONSTRATION before you make the order

I will write source code of processing image or processing video program or a processing image or processing video project in Python language, exactly using OpenCV library (which is called also CV library ) or similar libraries to Open CV . This python program could be for any subject you like. It could be an application in security, face recognition, shapes recognition, emotion recognition,... For every source code of your project, I will put a comment to make it easy to understand for you.

I have solid experience in areas like

  • Face detection and Recognition
  • Object Detection & Recognition
  • Object Tracking
  • Object Counting (cars, people etc.)
  • Training Custom Models
  • Image Processing
  • Object Measurement (using OBJECT REFERENCE)


  • Python
  • OpenCV