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I will fix ios applications bugs and problems in swift and swiftui

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Before ordering please contact me first and I will let you know how to go about this process. 


Want a custom app?


You need a custom app for your company? Have an idea for an app that you think is the next big thing? Need a simple reskin of a game or app you acquired? I am the man for you! I have been making iOS apps for the last three years, giving me the experience to help you.


Have a bug?


Programming is hard, especially for iOS. I understand that! Have bugs in your code? Just order this gig! Why me? I am the ultimate solution because I have been programming for more than six years and also specialized in iPhone applications for three years, making me an expert in this arena. I am committed to ensuring that I can fix all your problems, whether it’s a simple debugging of code, simple programming of iOS or complex software debugging.


P.S. Please note that cost depends on the complexity of the job, might cost more or less than the prices mentioned in the gigs.