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I will fix,optimize your PC for gaming,streaming fps titles valorant, warzone

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- Contact me for availability before placing an order.



General Overview;


I am here to help you utilize the maximum potential of your PC.


Basically, I'll be tweaking your PC in order to achieve the optimal performance while making it much faster & bug free.



> My Services;


  • Full PC Optimizations/Tuning (Software/Hardware)


  • Full Gaming Optimizations (FPs, input-delay, bug fixes)


  • Windows, Graphics, Game Configuration/Tweaking


  • Essential software/drivers Configuration


  • Bios Tuning/Configuration


  • Safe Overclocking (GPU, CPU, RAM)


  • Network Connection/Speed Optimizations


  • OBS Configuration/Setup (OBS Studio, Streamlabs, etc)


  • Technical support for Internet issues (Instability, high ping, delay)


  • Fix overheating issues (CPU, GPU)  


  • Windows Installation (7-10)


  • Benchmarking/Stability testing


  • Hardware recommendations (PC Building)


  • Full Windows Cleanup, Virus/Malware removal  





  • Contact me with your issue/build.


  • Have AnyDesk downloaded.