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I will help with sql servers

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I can assure your DBA related issue is in good hands.


With this gig, you may expect help and assistance with:


  • Mysql - and forks (MariaDB, Percona) - Full optimisation of storage engine, low level tweaks of InnoDB/XtraDB and others, including buffer pools, caching, binary logging, replication, as well as OS Internals optimised for best performances.
  • Postgres, Oracle, MSSql
  • Slow query log analysis, proposals and optimisations.
  • Table level indexing, partitioning and column type optimisation


Migration between database types is also available. Replication setup. Performance Analysis, and - hands on turn-key configurations.


90% of performance issues in practical application comes from database bottlenecks. This gig will ensure you remove them and get most of your system rather than spending on upgrades to support non-optimal configuration. Since you are here, chances are you already realised where you bottleneck is. Now let's get it solved.


Free initial consultations are provided, so please feel free to get in touch.