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I will object detection using yolo, CNN models, image segmentation, ocr, barcode scan

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*******Are you looking for Custom LARGE SCALE DEEP LEARNING projects*******


I have excellent experience in computer vision, machine learning and deep learning domain. Any custom problem using audio, visual or textual data can be solved.




  • CNN
  • GANs
  • UNet
  • SVM, KNN




  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Pytorch
  • Django
  • Flask


Previous Related Work:


These projects are finished in the form of Web applications, APIs, Android apps, Edge devices (e.g. NVIDIA Jetson Nano) or Research articles


  • Pose estimation (body, foot, hand)


  • Custom object detection (mask, glasses, drowsiness, fire and smoke, roof damage, car damage, traffic lights etc) 
  • Objects Detection of your choice


  • Custom Multi label Classification


  • Nearest Video or Image retrieval on the basis of deep learning features (Fastest Retrieval System for millions of images in database )


  • Medical Image Segmentation and Research


  • Audio Spoofing/Voice Cloning


  • Count trees, apples or fruits using segmentation


  • Steganalysis and Steganography


  • Anomaly detection in crowd


  • Counting and Tracking System


  • Virtual Dressing Room (Jewellary, Cloth, Shoe, Accessories)


  • Face morphing


  • GANs for fake human face generation