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I will promote android app to get millions of app installs

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Do you want to advertise your apps and games globally and want to get downloads at the best prices?

If so, this gig is for you!

I will set up and run campaigns for your apps/games/website & promote them on search engines and search engine partners. I'll market your apps to get million app installs in less than 0.08USD/Install.


I've years of experience in digital marketing. I can advertise your business and apps on Google and search partners. I can target specific countries or locations to get downloads and to advertise your business for the peoples of the specific location


For App Marketing:

I have set up app campaigns and got 1M+ Downloads in just 2 months. 

- Ad Setup

- Keyword Targeting

- Ad Descriptions.

- Audience Targeting.

- Location Targeting.

- Cost-effective Bidding.



For Web /Service Promotion:

I have set up ads to get traffic on the website and promoted services in Australia and got impressive results from optimized ad campaigns.

- Ads

- Keyword Research

- Keyword Targeting

- Ads Scheduling

- Bid Strategies

- Area and Audience Targeting

- Ad Extensions

- Services/Snippet Extensions

- Location Extensions


My service charges are exclusive of ad budget.