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I will provide cybersecurity strategic advisory

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I am a highly-skilled security risk expert delivering comprehensive support with an accurate understanding of your specific risk profile supporting executives to create a tailored mitigation plan that reduces the potential impact that each risk might have.

Our support provides recommended solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs taking into account the risk Assessment appetite of your organization.

Our objective is to reduce organization security risks and improve your day-to-day operational effectiveness bu focusing on “what-matter-most”.  

My clients have the opportunity to access the same professional advice and guidance that FTSE 500 and other large multinationals pay a significant amount of money for, but at a fraction of the price. Our experienced trusted advisor service become part of your executive team and support you in all areas of cybersecurity and data protection, without you having to pay exorbitant consultancy fees.

For more information about our expert services please contact us