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I will provide online consulting for immersive game design

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  • I worked as a game designer and developer for 3 years until we were acquired by intel. Worked there 4 more years, finishing as senior experience designer and producer.
  • I am working as independent consultant in full time since 2017, but opened my agency already in 2012. 
  • I enjoy products that are different. Combining physical and virtual elements. Using technologies in order to reach a meaningful goal. 
  • I am a skilled teacher and public speaker.


  • Consulting hours, paid by the hour. Full confidentiality with full secrecy
  • After the first introductory hour, we can decide whether or not to continue together, and acquire a bigger hour bank.
  • You can ask me anything about anything during this online Skype talk. From learning about Unity and game dev methodology, emergent technologies, new business design, etc.


  • pay. book meeting with the automatic tool. and i will call you when the meeting starts.