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I will solve your machine learning and computer vision problems

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I have experienced in data science and deep learning for almost 3 years.I have also pretty good experience in computer vision ,deep learning and also deploying deep learning models in raspberry pi. i have dirty my hands in different deep learning models whether it is supervised or unsupervised,so i looking forward to working with you.


My major projects are including two research papers:


1.churn prediction.

2.stock price prediction.

3.test case prioritization through optimization algorithms.

4.worked on many face recognition algorithms(vggface,pca,fishersface,HMM etc.).

5.criminal sketch recognition.

6.analysis and prediction of AQI(air quality index).

7.implement and deploy many models of GANs .

8.also done many coding assignments in python.

9.classification of dogs breed through cnn.

10.worked on object detection,localization,recognition.

11.worked on many object tracking problems