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I will teach you unity games development

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**Welcome to my Unity Games Development Teaching Gig**
**Make sure to contact me before purchase, and needs and requirements vary**

Hi there! My name is Jordan,

I've been doing games development for 5/6 years now and have been on this platform long enough to know people wish to learn games development.

Have you ever felt like programming tutorials didn't give you enough information? That when you're studying a specific subject matter, there wasn't someone who could show you WHY and HOW something works, instead you're just copying it into your project and wishing for the best?

I'm far too familiar with this and would love to teach you the core concepts and more advanced areas of game development. I've been teaching for 2 years now and I always see massive progress in the students that I teach and I always make an active effort to cover subjects you may be interested in. Whilst Games development is difficult and takes a lot of time to do, I can make that easier for you!

If you want to learn more about games development, give me a shout, I'll take you on from an absolute beginner and after time you'll become good enough to tackle your own projects.