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Procurement & Vendor Management I will do your amazon ebay and alibaba product and supplier china sourcing agent

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About This Gig


I know how problematic and difficult it is to source the products from china due to the language barrier and tiresome process of finding your products at the best rates and best quality. You can rely on me for your sourcing needs.


You have find the right gig with ample contacts in China to help you source , I will do A-Z sourcing related tasks which includes:


  • Finding suppliers
  • Getting quotations
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Managing samples
  • Even all the shipments
  • Manage labeling
  • Sending to any warehouse all over the world.



Most Importantly, I can help you in customization of your product or packaging and finding your product at a targeted price.


I can take care of your task from start to finish for a month as well so you can relax and get your work done in a reasonable time.


I can assist you in all your requirements as a sourcing expert.


Please message me before placing an order so we can talk about your product and expectations (As its always free).